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Our educational programs are an opportunity to acquire different skills in accordance with the real educational needs of our time. Discover and enhance your potentials and learn how to change yourself and change the world.

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Social research

Our researchers produce theoretically and empirically based studies and analysis of the issues of relevance to a woman, her rights, social engagement, religion and identity in contemporary civil society.

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Continuously and tirelessly we give you a hand on your way to self-realization and wings in moments when you do not dare to make a break and initiate changes.

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Business support

Through mentoring support, motivation, professional and financial support, we help you to make first entrepreneurial steps and enable you to realize your business dreams.

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Youth & kids programs

We develop awareness of their own values and potentials in younger generations, and we encourage them to be part of positive changes in their environment.

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Sport & recreation

We encourage the development of healthy lifestyle habits and motivate you to take continuous care of your body's health and functionality, increase of mobility and proper nutrition.

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Activism & cooperation

We open the door to dialogue, always ready to observe different perceptions and perspectives. We build partnerships with various social actors and bring closer different attitudes.

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Center for Education & Research “Nahla”, through various projects, has collaborated with the following institutions, organizations and companies: